Why use the word “Nigger”?

We are well aware that the word nigger has a highly charged place in our history.  As much as we might like to convince ourselves that America is now elevated to a “Post Racial” society, nothing could be further from the truth.

In popular culture and among our youth, this word is used every day.  What’s up nigger?  That nigger’s crazy.  You my nigger.   Nigger please!

 We use it intentionally here to spark a response and as a source of pride!  “That’s My Nigger, My Nigger is in the White House.”

    Why now?

To celebrate the second term of the first African American President.

     What do you intend to accomplish by doing this?

            After the shock subsides, minds will be opened.  That window of opportunity creates the space to l          look at our beliefs in a new light.  Change begins here.

Who is you target audience?

Anyone who believes that the future of our country cannot be left in the hands of someone else.  The fix begins at home.  What can you do today to make a difference in your family, your neighborhood, your city?

 How do you think it will be received by the faith based community, politicians, civic organizations, the education system, law enforcement?

I think we have it backwards.  We are not seeking permission from any of those entities to express our ideas and options.  Rather they exist to serve us well and faithfully.  Otherwise, it is we the people that hold the power to modify the terms of their continued existence.

    Why are you disrespecting the President / White House?

We are not the subjects of a paternalistic society that obligates us to comply and obey.  We are elated that at long last we have a Black President.  Yes our Nigger really is in the White House.  

    Who can say “My Nigger”?

Anyone who loves this country our President and the right to freedom of expression.  History is not destiny.  You decide.

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